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Saint-Avertin to Chicago
Let's go for a day of 31 hours and 3 weeks of fun.

    Get Your Kicks on Route 66

5.00 AM up, breakfast and direction Paris in TGV for 1. 30 of rails with small luggages : 2 helmets, 2 small bags and 2 small rucksacks (you will notice that everything is small!!!). We are gone for a long day of station and airplane terminals.

Joke : getting out of the shuttle, leading us to the air terminal of loading, I notice that Christine holds a bag on her shoulder, and I... not... I haven't mine, I stop the bus. The driver opens me the door with a big smile. I get back pair of underpants, T-shirt and socs...
Left 45 minutes later of Roissy in the rain, we arrive under the sun at Amsterdam, place of transit. With 1.30 of correspondence, it's quiet that we go to the departure quay for Chicago. Surprise : delay of 40 mn.

After a takeoff always also impressionant aboard Jumbo and some peanuts later (8. 00), CHICAGO, here we are with clouds and rain. At the same time, we feel younger of 7. 00.

CHICAGO - Al Capone, that says to you anything?
This city has become famous due to this first-rate gangster and non-at least bloody wars between gangs during the prohibition from 1918 till 1930. Today, Chicago is a metropolis which counts about 3 million souls and among the highest skyscrapers with Sea Tower and its 412 meters with 110 floors. It is also the beginning of Route66 at crossroads Michigan Avenue. and Adam St.

After traditional checks of manners concerning the imigration with questions of the kind : Do you import some drugs? YES... NO... Oups!! I don't know ?
We look for a transport to join our hotel in " DownTown ". Surprised a ballet of limousines of 3kms longer (Tex Avery, you are great!), their doors open us. Seen the rates of these little common taxis, we find a shuttle which serves the various hotels of down town Chicago. 34$ less in pockets, we get acquainted of a fan of " Blues Brothers " and the Elwood's behaviour ; remember that first-rate running pousuite of this film takes place in Chicago. A short time later, we integrate our room closely Michigan Avenue. In the 15-th floor of an old Motel 6. Relieved of 105$, we leave on foot to see Lake Michigan 516km on 200km in the widest. A freeway forbids us the access of it and 2 Big Mac later, and after a small ballad by night on Michigan Avenue, back to bed.


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